Do you know who you’re really communicating with online? Create a 2-way street of transparency by verifying online identities and social media profiles.

Communication is evolving at a rapid pace, forcing us to become increasingly dependent on our digital devices now more than ever. As we continue to move further into a virtual world of interacting and transacting, have you ever questioned who you are truly communicating with online? Welcome to the next generation of true verification to protect and legitimize your identity while allowing you to confirm the profiles and pictures of others as well.


We have 4 easy steps to follow:


Step 1 - Scan government issued ID within SNV app.

Follow the prompts to scan your government issued ID. SNV uses patented technology to extract biometric and alphanumeric data to authenticate identity documents using 50+ forensic document-specific tests while utilizing the industry’s largest document library (supporting 200+ countries).


Step 2 – Take a live selfie.

Follow the prompts for the live facial scan. Our app performs biometric facial recognition to determine liveness & likeness so users cannot simply take a photo of a printout. This live selfie is compared to an extracted photo from the identity document to verify a match.


Step 3 – Create / Link profiles and share content.

Users have the option to change their auto-generated ID profile picture for another picture of their choice and also link their social media accounts to their SNV profile. Once an account is created, simply snap pictures from the app and share across any online platform. All pictures originated within the APP are embedded with advanced metadata so family, friends, and business associates get full transparency of your online identity. Anyone who sees your pictures with the SNV branded logo can scan the photo and verify who the SNV account holder is. Members are issued a cyber-ID (Global Unique Identifier) unique only to you, much like your fingerprint.


Step 4 – Snap pictures and post.

Snap a picture in the app to generate personalized metadata on the image. When the pic is scanned, people will know the picture originated from you. Users may subscribe to connect online and view other members social media profiles and verification status of other users.


For low the price of $4.99/monthly, the Social Network Verified app will shift the online paradigm of trust, making the internet a safer place for you, your family and friends.